Bathscape Prototyping Workshop @ Bath City Farm

After a hectic week of prototyping and preparation, the wet and windy day came for our Bath City Farm workshop! After explanations of the workshop and a tour of the farm from manager Helen, the Bath Spa students got stuck in with collecting audio from the staff, volunteers and animals, exploring the landscape and conducting interviews. The morning was then spent choosing their favourite clips and editing them. The final pieces were wonderful, with soundbites from the staff about the farm and landscape overlayed with sounds from nature and the animals on the farm.


Once the audio was ready, the students then assembled the boxes and got to grips with connecting the electronics and coding them. With backgrounds in a range of subjects but mostly no coding or building experience, it was an exciting process in the afternoon introducing these new skills! By the end of the day, it was with happiness (and relief!) that we took the final creations out into the stormy weather and saw them in action.


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